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Southern Radiology Consultants is independently owned and operated by SORAD physicians and has been a provider of radiology services in the Greater Baton Rouge area since 1951. We now serve patients in eight hospitals and more than 50 facilities throughout the state of Louisiana.


7520 Perkins Road, Ste. 290  Baton Rouge, LA  70808


Monday-Friday: 8am – 5pm

About Us

Southern Radiology Consultants

SORAD has built a reputation of “firsts.” We were the region’s first outpatient radiology clinic, the first to perform then-new procedures like angioplasty, percutaneous nephrostomy and percutaneous cardiac intervention. Thanks to accomplishments like these, we’ve built a reputation for excellence. This, in turn, enables us to attract the best and brightest doctors – those with subspecialty expertise that keep us on the leading edge of radiology. For you, this translates into higher quality care through collaborative specialty consulting, greater insight and the most progressive diagnostic testing and treatment available.

We Bridge The Distance


In the last 10 years, we have expanded our circle of care using networking and IT technologies in order to read studies where the Radiologist is not physically on site, hence the term Teleradiology. We have expanded throughout the state of Louisiana, and are now gearing up for Mississippi. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of quality reads even from afar. We’ve built a robust IT infrastructure to handle all manner of radiology facilities, from the small single modality clinic, to large hospitals with full HL7 integration, we can meet your Teleradiolgogy needs.

Reasons to consider using us as your Teleradiology Partner

Proven Teleradiology model used in more than 60 sites.

More than a dozen HL7 client Interfaces.

Ability to interface results to your EMR, HIS & RIS including EPIC, McKesson, Cerner & CPSI.

Flexible Billing.

Voice recognition for faster turnaround times.

In-house interface programing staff.

Friendly 24 hour Help Desk.